Thursday, November 5, 2009

100 Butterflies - Book Review

I recently had the opportunity to review the coffee table art book "100 Butterflies", by Harold Feinstein and Fred Gagnon. Publisher Little and Brown.

"The earth laughs with flowers, but it dances with butterflies."
-Harold Feinstein

This book is massive (11 X 13), vibrant and breathtaking.
Each page comes alive with a different butterfly caught in full-color splendor, each popping from the plain black background they are set against. Each photo is lovingly labeled with the butterfly's common and Latin name. These pictures are art quality photographs (photographed by Harold Feinsten). Several poems are worked into the book, carrying on the butterfly theme.

One hundred impeccably reproduced, oversized photographs allow viewers
to appreciate the Blue Morpho of Central America, the African Birdwing, and the
Asian Swallowtail at a scale and depth impossible to experience in nature. An elegantly printed deluxe gift book, it is a treasure for butterfly enthusiasts
and art lovers alike. - excerpt from the Hachett Book Group.

"One Hundred Butterflies" has a jacket price of $50.00 and can be purchased at Hachett Book Group. It is also available at - current listing price is $31.50.

I received this opportunity through my membership with The Product Review Place. I received this book at no cost to review. The opinion is entirely my own.


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