Monday, November 30, 2009

FREE Memo Cube Sample from Sandy Paper

As a married, full-time working mother of an active teen, I live off of notes. Post It's line my office like a wallpaper border. Notes are strategically placed around my home. I have tablets in my purse. Index cards in the van. Do they help me remember? Only if someone whacks me with it and says "LOOK WHAT U FORGOT!" But I try. And a free memo cube will be a great help in the house - I'll stick it in the kitchen to write a running list of what I need at the store. And I will then go to said store, drop $50, and leave without the gallon of milk I'd gone for :)

This would also be cute tucked in a gift basket - a few colorful gel pens, a funky pencil and eraser, some bright paper clips, and a coffee mug with some really good coffee. Easy. Economical. And hard not to love.

grab your free memo cube sample


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