Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pulse Slither Scooter - Review

The first innovative three-wheeled scooter of its kind, the Slither offers the ability to pull off tricks and maneuvers that are simply not possible on any other scooter or wheeled good thanks to the two large front wheels offset with a single rear wheel housed in a pivot-mounted swivel truck. The Pulse Slither translates the fun of riding a snowboard, skiing or surfing into a street toy. It can be ridden facing forward or standing to one side and is propelled by “slithering” from side to side or by pushing with your foot, opening up even more trick possibilities and making it that much harder to put away. The rudder-like rear wheel with variable tension gives the rider the freedom to drift in and out of turns, zip around corners, execute lightning-quick 180ยบ turns and adjusts to their skill level. (from Pulse Press Release).

The Pulse Slither Drift Scooter is a new release from Pulse, and takes traditional scooters in a whole new direction. While you still have to push off, the Slither can turn and weave, and can be adjusted to a child's skill level by
adjusting the Swivel Truck to change the riding experience. Located on the underside of the Slither, this can be adjusted by simply adjusting the hex screw at the base of the lapper (instructions, with picture, are included with your Slither).

The Slither arrives unassembled, but was easy to put together. We just had to add wheels and the handlebar (instructions do say the folding mechanism also needs assembled, but ours was already done).

I recently h
ad the chance to review the Pulse Slither Drift Scooter in the "Slither Von Scroll" version. Pulse Slither Drift Scooter is available in two styles - "Slither Von Scroll" and "Slither Skull Wing". Von Scroll is a vibrant green, with a vine (almost tribal looking) pattern, while the Skull Wing is an intense blue with skulls.

This scooter is a lot of fun! We haven't been able to take it out for a real ride yet as here in Iowa we're buried under snow, but we've been riding it in the basement (cackling like hyenas the whole time). The Slither has a fantastic wide deck, and the third wheel provides stability.

This one definitely takes some getting used too - you kick
off like on any scooter, but then you have "Handlebar Pumping" - continual turning of the handlebars actually makes you go forward. We have this down, and once you go a couple times it's not as awkward as it sounds. You also have "Hip Swiveling" - this motion helps to align your handlebar pumping with the rear foot push and pull. This one is a work in progress, though Brit has it worked out just fine and practically flies on it. The final part is "Rear foot push and pull" - this motion coordinates the handlebar pumping and hip swiveling. This one is also a work in progress for me :) The Pulse Slither Scooter is fast, and turns beautifully.

You can check the Pulse Slither Scooter action out on You Tube.

Slither Features
• REAR SWIVEL TRUCK – Adjust the tension to customize your ride
• OVERSIZED FRONT WHEELS – Big wheels up front maintain balance
• ANTI-SLIP DECK – Molded deck traction keeps your feet in place
• HIGH PERFORMANCE GRIPS – Knobbed hand grips enhance your control
• QUICK RELEASE NECK – Integrated folding mechanism
• HIGH QUALITY PARTS – High-tensile steel parts and components

Buy It:

The Slither, which retails for $59.99, is available at Target, K-Mart, Academy, AAFES, Sports Chalet, Dunhams and other select sporting goods retailers.

I received the scooter free to review. The opinion in this post is entirely my own.


  1. This might be an idea for my grandson when he gets a little older. Thanks for the info!

  2. Rad post. If you’re looking for a freestyle scooter then you should check these guys they rule!

  3. This is rad, thanks for the info. Have you seen the pulse slither
    ? It’s super sweet and easy to work on.

  4. I like these Pulse slither scooter cause they have large front wheels that helps in smoother ride. But i found this scooter little hard in assembling.

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