Thursday, January 21, 2010

Soft Scrub Club :)

I was recently selected as a Soft Scrub Club Captain! Being a Club Captain gives me the opportunity to be one of the first to try new products (woohoo!)

My first new product arrived a week ago - Soft Scrub Total Bath and Bowl Cleaner (Cleans and Deoderizes entire bathroom, even inside toilets).

I LOVE this cleaner. It has a really cool flip tab on the spray nozzle - leave it open and I get a nice spray, flip it closed and it gives me a thick foam. Plus, it sprays upside down, so you can get in the toilet (it really does - I tried it :) I'm a neat freak, and as I've got a teen, a messy husband, plus a cat and dog that both have decided the best water is toilet water, not to mention Brit and I both have long hair and are always shedding, the bathroom seems like an almost daily battle to keep it splatter, hair and fur free. I used the foam option for the tub - sprayed it all down and let it soak, and the sink and toilet. I used the spray side for the floor. I've tried a lot of "multi-purpose" products, but have always ended up using 3 in the bathroom - one for the fixtures, one for toilet duty, and one for the floor. Soft Scrub Total kicked butt! My tub sparkles, toilet was easily defurred, and the sink is shiny. Plus, it smells great.

I also used this in the kitchen, and loved how clean it got the sink and microwave.


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