Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pirate's Booty Winner :)

and.... MY BAD! As many of you were so kind to point out (THANK YOU - I appreciate it!) My Pirate's Booty Twitter link led to the newsletter sign up. I'd thought I'd fixed it, but when I was ending the giveaway I noticed, yep, I'm still leading you all to the newsletter, which was the right link, but wrong entry caption. The correction was "sign up for newsletter", and I completely missed fixing it - my apologies! ;(

But, we do have a winner for Pirate's Booty awesome Treasure Chest of snacks!!

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ShesAnAngel said... 230

I tweeted

I've sent an email - please respond w/in 48 hours :)

Thanks for all the comments, and pointing out my oops - I appreciated your help!


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