Wednesday, March 17, 2010

FEED Granola - Review

Established a little while back (in 2004), FEED Granola Co. provides well-balanced, low sugar, whole
grain foods for healthy “grazing.” Developed in the West Village, NYC apartment of fashion models
Jason Osborn and Jason Wright, FEED Granola was born out of necessity, as the two guys were unable to find a healthy and tasty snack that fit their hectic lifestyles. Four years later, FEED is now available at major retailers nationwide and in select regional outlets. Made with organic ingredients, FEED Granola promotes “snackable” nutrition, with delicious flavors of all-natural granola that can be enjoyed as a breakfast cereal, a convenient snack, or even as a nutritious dessert topping. Both Jason and Jason believe that what you FEED your body affects your performance. FEED your body, FEED your life. (from website)

FEED Granola is available in five flavors, and I had the chance to try them all :)

  • Cranberry Coconut - Made with organic multi-grains, slow roasted almonds and pecans, lightly sweetened with organic brown rice syrup, tart cranberries and organic coconut chips. Blended spices help give a rich, flavorful taste. This one was my second favorite, I loved it with milk or straight out of the bag.
  • Raisin Nut - honey, nuts and cinnamon crunch. Also absolutely fantastic with milk or right out of the bag - I loved the cinnamon sweet crunch of this.
  • Blueberry almond - Made with organic multi-grains, slow roasted almonds, dark molasses, accented with sweet blueberries and nutmeg. Loaded with blueberries and almonds, this was fantastic as a snack or mixed in yogurt.
  • Bittersweetness - Made with a combination of vanilla scented organic whole grains, balanced with dark chocolate chunks. This one was Brittany's favorite - when these arrived she immediately tore into this bag, grabbed a handful and after swallowing proclaimed "mmmm.... heaven" :) This was to die for! I haven't had candy in months as I'm trying to lose weight, and wow! I wish I'd had this when I'd started cutting empty calories! Amazingly rich, yet not overly sweet, this one was better than a candy bar. I also felt good about enjoying and sharing this treat as it's loaded with nutrition and whole grains, not just sugar and fat. I would love to see another variety of this one with tart cherries added to the mix (hint hint :)
  • Apple a Day - Made with organic whole grains and created for those looking for a low sugar option packed with protein and fiber. apple a day is lightly sweetened with agave nectar, loaded with cinnamon, walnuts, and dried apple. I ate this before checking the ingredient list, and was surprised to see it was sweetened with agave - it's delightfully sweet and crunchy, I honestly had no clue it was so low in sugar.
Organic, loaded with mutligrains and flaxseed, plus high in fiber and low in sugar, FEED Granola is a wonderful snack or breakfast choice that gives back:

FEED Granola: FEED Hope:

The FEED Hope program is The Granola Guys' effort to help support local and national organizations within the community. FEED Granola Co. participates in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walks and encourages our employees and friends to take time to volunteer or participate in causes that they care about. Our signature flavor, Bittersweet-ness, provides us an opportunity to help educate our customers about the support of breast cancer research, education and patient services across the country. Please visit the American Cancer Society to learn more.


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FEED Granola is available in two sizes, 12 oz. and 2 oz. single serve packages and can be purchased online or in select stores.

I received product(s) free to review - the opinion in this post is entirely my own.

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  1. This sounds like a good snack. The Bittersweetness sounds good. Stopping by from MBC.