Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kettle Worx - Review

6 Week Review

I finished my six weeks on Kettle Worx - and first, I survived! I can't say it's been easy, even doing just 20 minutes a day, three times a week, but I stuck with it and am amazed at the resul
ts. And for the record, Ryan (exercise guru on the tapes), no, I do not love the Kettle Worx Hip Pump and Crunch! Not one bit. To be quite honest, it's the, OK, anyhow, moving on...

I love, love, love these video workouts - it felt like the workouts increased in pace just a bit as I progressed, keeping me on my toes and providing a great, total body workout. For the last two weeks, I added the Fast Abs and some of the Body Sculpting videos on my days in between the main Kettle Worx workout. These videos are full of quick, 10 minute workouts, that target various parts of the body. LOVE these too!

My favorite is still Kettle Worx Core - an amazingly effective routine for central muscles, though it still gets the legs, which is where I hold most of my weight. And I adore Kettle Worx Punches, though they seem to make my husband nervous. Of course, my grinning like a mad woman and saying "Honey, come stand here - right in front of me" while punching the Kettlebell may have had a lot to do with that :) My least favorite is still Cardio, though it's gotten easier. I no longer feel like I'm going to fall flat on my face afterward. And Kettle Worx Resistance does wonders for flabby arms - I've actually worn a tank top this summer :)

A year ago (before Kettle Worx) I finally decided enough was enough, and got my rear in gear to get my weight under control. Through diet and daily walking, I dropped 41 pounds of fat (yay me!) and one pant size, dropping from a size 20 to a size 18. OK, while I am ecstatic that I was 41 pounds lighter, I kept thinking WTF! How can you drop 41 pounds and only one pant size? How is that possible? I've kept to my diet and walking, but each time I'd step on the scale, hoping for another pound or two to be gone, I'd wonder if I was going to wind up being a skinny big girl - at my goal weight, but only down one pant size.

Then I had the chance to review Kettle Worx, and jumped on board. I'd read lots of glowing reviews, and thought maybe this is what I needed to really tone up. I noticed a difference right away, after my first workout. No, I didn't suddenly become skinny or reach my goal weight. But I did hurt in muscles I didn't know I had. I sweated (a lot). I huffed. But I moved, kept eating well as I'd been doing, still took the dogs for their nightly walk. And after just two weeks, progress. My tummy was tighter. My shorts were slightly loose. And now? After six weeks - I'm down seven pounds!! Why so excited over seven pounds? Because I'm also down a full pant size :) One year of dieting, 41 pounds lighter and I only dropped one size. Six weeks of Kettle Worx, and I'm down another. From an 18 to a 16. It was an amazing feeling to slither into a size 16. And even more amazing when I realized they weren't tight. Or snug. No, in fact, they're a bit loose. Just enough that I'm hoping to be down another size in six more weeks. I'm keeping up on Kettle Worx - I've only got 50 more pounds to go to my goal, and I know it's achievable now.


You can see my two week review here.

Check out the Infomercial to see how Kettle Worx works. You can also check out their video blog and testimonials from others who've used, and loved Kettle Worx.


You can purchase Kettle Worx systems, kettlebells, videos and nutrition products on their website. The 5 pound kit, like the one I have, retails for only $89.95, and you can save 10% at checkout with coupon code KWSAVE10 (listed on their site - not sure when it expires)

I received product(s) free to review - the opinion in this post is entirely my own.

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  1. I have and my favorite is the kettleworx core. I love it.